November 24th, 2018


☆ Clippngs for free ☆

Dear guys,
only one month until Christmas~ <3
Because of that I want to give away clippings for free again.
No matter where you live, I will pay the shipping, too.
I want to give them a sweet new home >^0^<

For clippings of A.B.C-Z, Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, Ikuta Toma, Johnny's WEST, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Sexy Zone and TOKIO please look [here].
For clippings of Johnny's (Jr.), King & Prince, Kis-My-Ft.2, Senpai, Tackey & Tsubasa, YamaP and Yuma [here] =)
Many clippings of Johnny's include cooperation of Johnny's members from diffrent groups and also concert reports. So please have a look there, too =)

P.S. Don't forget to watch NHK World's "SONG of TOKYO" tomorrow with NEWS <3