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Chapter 2: For You Tegoshi x Massu

Title: For You
Chapter: 2
Pairing: Tegoshi x Massu (Tegomass ♥), Ryo x Yamapi (Ryopi ♥)
Characters: NewS
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: for yamapirawks. i'm so sorry it isn't an entirely ryopi fic but i promise there'll be lots of ryopi love! really sorry for the delay >< i'll be dedicating another entirely ryopi fic to you but this shall also be for you too!

comments are ♥

" WHAT?! TEGONYAN THAT'S GREAT! " Ryo exlaimed, and accidentally spilled some coffee on Yamapi's jacket.

" RYOCHAN THAT IS MY NEW JACKET! I JUST BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK! " Yamapi frantically dabbed a piece of tissue on the stain.

" Lower down your volume guys.. " Tegoshi went red in the face, and passed Yamapi a packet of wet tissue. " And I think this would work better. "

Tegoshi had called Yamapi and Ryo out for breakfast before they started their work, and told them about his decision to confess to Massu.

" Thanks Tesshi, " Yamapi flashed a grateful smile to him before going back to dabbing his jacket.

" So, how do you plan to confess to him? " Ryo sipped his coffee, ignorant to Yamapi's stain.

" Well, I think I'll just ask him out for a meal and then- "

" And then just confess to him on the spot? "

" Y-yeah, how did you know? "

Ryo put down his coffee and sighed. " Tegonyan, you're so predictable. I think I'm going to break your heart by telling you this, but I have to tell you this - That method is not going to work on Massu. "

Tegoshi stopped drinking his orange juice and looked up at Ryo. " Ehh? Why? "

Ryo cleared his throat. " Firstly, you know how Massu is like when it comes to food. When he's eating, he'll be concentrating on his food instead of what you're saying. I bet he wouldn't even react if you confessed to him while he's munching on his food. Secondly, you know how dense Massu is. Even if he registers what you say to him, he would probably say things like, " Oh Tegoshi, I like you too! I'll always be your friend, ne? ". Which would bring you back to square one. "

" Now now Tesshi, don't look as if you're going to cry. Nothing is impossible when Ryochan and Yamapi is here! " Yamapi had stopped dabbing on his stain. Tegoshi noticed that his stain was still very visible.

" You can't just jump to the confession part when it comes to Massu. You know that the best way to get to a guy like Massu is through his stomach! So you know what to do now, Tesshi? "

" Pi, I was about to give that advice to Tegonyan! "
" Really? Then that's great. We think alike. "
" That's not what I meant! You stole my lines- "

Tegoshi tuned out of their conversation and thought about what Yamapi had said.

" You know that the best way to get to a guy like Massu is through his stomach! "

At that moment, something clicked in his mind. He knew what to do.


The next day, Tegoshi was the first one to reach the dressing room. Massu is not here yet, he thought to himself as he put his stuff in his locker and made a cup of coffee for himself. He sat down on the sofa with his coffee and yawned. He was not used to waking up at 4am in the morning to make bentos. But he had no other choice. That day, the NewS members were assigned to different locations so the morning was the only time to pass Massu his bento. Ah it's okay, I'll get to see Massu's happy face when he sees my bento. That would definitely make up for my loss of sleep.

He smiled and placed the bento on to the table and waited for Massu.


A few minutes later, Massu came in and was surprised to see Tegoshi sleeping on the sofa. He smiled, and took off his jacket and put it over Tegoshi. Then he saw the lunchbox.

For: Massu

Massu smiled, and whispered softly, " Thankyou Tegoshi. "
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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