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NewS Wallies...and one icon... yeah, I TOTALLY forgot about this community! GOMEN! Hiiiiiii minna! My name's Cindie and I'm an AVID lover of Massu. He's just...UWA! I am 23 (almost 24) and live in Texas and wish that NewS was actually big here, but sadly they're not. yeah, I made a few 8 I think...of NewS...normally I make KAT-TUN stuff, but once I saw these pics that ailove_xx put up and shared, I had to use them for wallies (after I asked of course!) And yeah, the picture credits for the wallies go to ailove_xx. So yeah...on to it! And there's one Massu icon. :D

x1 Massu
x1 Shige
x1 Tegoshi
x1 Yamapi
x1 Kei-chan
x1 Ryo
x1 Uchi
x1 Kusano

x1 Massu
x1 Junno
x1 Maru


The rest at my LJ...

( Follow the fake cut of love! )

P.S. I don't think I've ever posted here...if I did, it was just once and I don't remember it, but yeah. If I did this wrong, GOMEN!</lj>
Tags: fanwork: icons, fanwork: wallpapers

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