Because I am stupid (love_akira) wrote in news_jpop,
Because I am stupid

New Nishikato fic_______Chapter 1

Title: Affaire Secrète
AU, Angst (maybe, not sure), romance
Rating: If you are old enough to read, then I say go ahead.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone of them. They all have their own lives…only the plot is mine…and hey this is another fan fic to keep me sane.
Parings: Nishikato (really this time), and some other parings.
Summary: Ahhh I really suck with summaries so just bear with it;

                Ryo and Shige just found out about the feelings they have for each other just before they hear the news about Ryo’s marriage to Shige’s elder sister.

Sorry  about some errors,it's un-beta. hope you enjoy.

chapter 1: the wedding.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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