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[Fanfiction] When the Clock Strikes 12 [Parts 1-3 of ???]

Title: When the Clock Strikes Twelve

Fandom:  Shige- NEWS

Category:  Drama,


Betas: natarei_takarai and popupmagic


 All fairy tales have to come to an end sometime and we all know that happily-ever-after never really happens and the same could be said about a certain Japanese Pop Idol who went from being ordinary to extraordinary and was basking in all this glory. We all know that he worked hard for this glory, but there are limits to everything and sometimes, a little can do a lot especially to a person. But how do you know when you are going over the limit? How do you know how to balance? How do you know when to stop when the spotlight feels so good?

 Author Notes:

This is all a matter of opinion. Do not bash me. I believe that Shige is really a great artist, but I also have this rant. Allow me to rant in peace. For  </a></b></a>nekoism who shares the same opinion as me and for her good review for her NURSING BOARDS.


“Ah, mou ii!” – Ah, that’s enough!


Once upon a time, there was a boy who had talent. But he wasn’t good looking and he wasn’t confident. So his friends helped him gain confidence and helped him get a personality. Then everybody was happy. Or were they really?

Part 3: Not Helping the Damsel in Distress )
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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