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[fic] Miscommunication is a Key for Break Up.

Title    : Miscommunication is a key for break up.
Pairing: Tegoshi x Massuda
Rating    : PG-13
Genre    : Romance…maybe xDD
Hint :Massu try to take away Koyama from his life. 

Tegoshi sit in a very comfy couch that makes him forget how to get up and take another shoot for the magazine. He tries to get off from that couch, but the couch’s sensation is stronger than he thought. So he decided to take some rest on the couch for a few minutes, even though the other member has called him to take another shoot millions time, he still want to be in that couch. He is so tired.
Shige comes near the couch, called Tegoshi, but he got no respond. He thinks some way to wake Tegoshi up.
“What can make him awake, na~? Aha!” he called Massu and Yamapi who have finished for the photo shoot. He tells them to help him.

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enjoy minna~!!
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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