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printed t-shirts

Hello everyone... I hope this post is alright here... if not i'm really sorry T_T its a sales post but its kinda a limited post so I thought it would fall under the "exceptions" for sales posts thats why i decided to post it here.

I was thinking of starting a t-shirt selling business and before I actually start it and invest money in it for no reason I was just wondering if anyone would actually buy any t-shirts from me.

The shirts would be shipped to anywhere in the world and could have any design/picture you want on it as long as its good/decent quality and you can send it to me. i'd also be willing to do reprints of certain je con t-shirts or other t-shirts that the boys wear as well

T-shirt colours would probably be only black or white (for now but hopefully other colours as well)

The prices aren't for sure yet but possibly between 20-25 usd plus shipping(shipping depends on where you live... the shirts will be shipped from canada.)

thats all for now... ive gotten a few people who would buy shirts from me but i just want to find a few more before i start this i hope i didnt violate any rules of the community by posting this... im sorry if i did something wrong.

thanks for your time ^____^
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