the girl from ipanema (spurnd) wrote in news_jpop,
the girl from ipanema

title: to the place with the most allure
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido/tomohisa yamashita
rating: r
summary: it’s skin and bone and teeth, and all ryo can think about is yamapi with every slick brush of their hips, with every open-mouthed kiss burned into his skin like a brand.
notes: 100% disclaimed. for hontou who gave me the prompts i did not follow, for korean fans without whom i wouldn't even be writing this. and mat kearney for writing the song that inspired the fic. i uploaded the track here, if anyone is interested. also, it's supposed to be a birthday fic, but maybe everyone can just pretend. events skewed to fit storyline, because fiction is cool that way. SORRY FOR THE SPAM DD:

( to the place with the most allure )
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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