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Introducing Say NEWS

Hi everyone!

Just taking a moment to introduce Say NEWS, the new subbing group (or currently, duo) whose aim is to provide high quality video clips subs to the NEWS fandom, since video clips are the bread and butter of the community and without them, we probably wouldn't even be here!

We are very much open for requests, in fact we will work mostly on a request basis. We're willing to sub anything and everything NEWS and NEWS member-related, for example:

- variety shows/segments
- news programmes
- promotions
- performances
- making of
- talkshows
- drama promotions
- CMs

The only thing we won't sub is dramas, since there are plenty of organised drama fansub groups around, and our focus is on NEWS TV appearances. We'll be more than happy to sub your requests as quickly as work and life will allow. So, if you would like to see a video subbed, please go here to drop us a request.

Currently, we're about to finish subbing the two recent Shounen Club appearances by NEWS and will be releasing them soon on the Say NEWS LJ :) Thanks for reading, and we hope our subbed videos bring some measure of joy to your life as a NEWS fan!
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