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Private Hearts - Koyama Solo

  ~ hope i'm not spamming ~  >.<

I recorded Koyama's Private Hearts solo from Shokura 2008.04.13..... but it's just the audio and the quality is really bad. (I literally recorded it from the TV.)
A clear version would probably come in a few days. ^_^
It's not the whole starts on the 1st chorus only.

The rap part  *which is really good* somehow reminds me of Love Addiction and Snow Express. It's pretty similar to the concert version. XD

for those who would like to hear a little bit of the perf...
MU : Private Hearts - Koyama (Shokura 2008.04.13) [354 KB]

EDIT: jkyl04 posted a clear ver. here.
*thank you!*
Tags: ♔ media: audio - DO NOT USE

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