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Hey, my fellow NewS-loving boys and girls.  This was originally just for my own journal, but then I thought that some people here might get a little kick out of it.  I meant to just post pics of my dog and her piggie dog toy (named Massu, of course), but somehow it ended up becoming a bit of a children's story with NewS references.  It's more embellished captioning than a fic, but hop on over to my journal if you're interested.  I'm not a writer, and this was done between the hours of 3 and 5 am I'm dodging the grammar & interesting sentence police, but hey, it's just for kicks.

Massu and the New Friend - A Children's Story
(please click le fake cut)

Okay, so posting the story was also a not so clever ruse to get you guys to vote in my Harry Potter X JE poll.  XD Please vote!!!  I would love to know what you guys think about which JE boy corresponds to which Harry Potter character.  There is a cracky, fanwork purpose to this.  If it's not too lame when I finish, I'll post it here. <3
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, fanwork: other

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