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(One-shot) Confession

Title: Confession
Pairing: RyoPi (main), Akame (on the side)
Genre: Angst then fluff. Well, at least that's what I attempted. xD
Disclaimer(s): I own nobody. Plot idea(s) given by </a></b></a>quinnsan

**A/N: This fic is dedicated to/written for </a></b></a>quinnsan, because she guessed correctly on my song meme. xD Quinn, you asked for a RyoPi fic with angst at the beginning, something with rain, and fluff at the end...and I tried my best (even though RyoPi isn't my strength, obviously lol) so I hope you like it!!

To everybody else, enjoy as well! Comments are always, always love.

"What? I can't hear you."
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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