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(One-shot) Breaking

Title: Breaking
Pairing: RyoDa
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer(s): Don't own anybody. Pairing and genre inspired by </a></b></a>kt_luvu26
Summary: Ryo and Ueda have broken up, but Ueda can't seem to move on, and instead submerges himself into the depths of heartbreak and depression.

**A/N: This one is written for </a></b></a>kt_luvu26 because she guessed right on my song meme, and asked for a RyoDa fic with angst. So here ya go, Momo~xD Hope you like it, and I wasn't sure what kind of ending you wanted, so I just kinda went with whatever came out. Hehe~

Anyway, to everybody, enjoy~comments are always love!

"It's a bit late for apologies..."
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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