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JEP_Cast Discusses My Boss, My Hero!

In episodes 8, 9 and 10 of jep_cast, we discussed the dorama My Boss, My Hero with Nagase Tomoya, Tegoshi Yuya, Tanaka Koki, and Aragaki Yui as some of the key players in the cast. Our topics ranged from the appropriateness of the theme song, Sorafune, to what we thought was Mikio's agenda against Makio, and which was the real love triangle of the series.

#08 - 2008-04-05 - The One With the Nonexistent Parabola: Episodes 1-3
#09 - 2008-04-12 - The One Where Jin Uses Oxford Commas: Episode 4-7
#10 - 2008-04-19 - The One Where Tegoshi is a Potato: Episode 8-10

Just in case, I'd like to remind everyone that the first half of the podcast is for Johnny's Entertainment news, and the second half is the dorama talk portion. We now have time stamps on the entries in case you'd like to fast-forward past a certain section. We hope you all enjoy! If you have any feedback, feel free to either comment or email us at
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