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[mod post] fanfiction decision x requests from 20080411 to 20080425

Re: Results of fanfiction poll: In accordance with the majority of the members' votes... I realize there will definitely be comments on this. It's impossible to please everyone, but remember, this is the result of the votes of the members who keep this community alive. ^^ And without further delay:

Fanfiction is no longer allowed at news_jpop.
From now on, please redirect your fanfics to wasurenaisa and jent_fanfics ^^

Re: Summer Time masterpost comments: I apologize for not having replied to all the comments, but I just wanted to let everyone I read your comments. I know it seems a little harsh to do that and I see now it might've been a mistake to make one; I'll keep your thoughts and comments in mind for the next PV(s) for which there probably won't be a masterpost(s). ^^;;

Re: Community layout contest: There's still a few days left to vote if you haven't! Let us know what you want the community's next layout to be~

lilsh0rtnancySC 2007.12.09 - Yamapi's Gomen ne Juliet perf subbed/any other subbed Yamapi solo perfs
xstalTegoshi on 24hr TV/Shisshou promo in Canada video
theside_ihideMaster Hits w/Summer Time & Easy Come, Easy Go / HQ scans of Pacific tour pamphlet
chiclets72Pics of Koyama, Shige & Ryo eating
suzaku_nanamiHQ version of 2nd version Sayaendou PV
manapiAttention Please 2nd special / is Ryo in it?
jen0appleScreencaps and/or GIFs of Summer Time PV

lhukhe09 → Waratte Iitomo SP with the cast from '1 Litre of Tears'
sumairuHQ image request (Image here)
mintcappucinoAny subbed Utaban, Sakigate etc. featuring NEWS (Taiyou no Namida)
juniormintMassu's performance of "Garasu no Jyuudai" and "Paradise Ginka" with Kis-my-ft
w_tsubasaOriginal picture of a TegoPi icon
icecrusher_i_bLatest NewS radio rips
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