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Summer Time still on top!

The sales for the second day is 27797 copies.

SUMMER TIME daily sales:

07/05 # 1 - 48385 copies
08/05 # 1 - 27797 copies

Total sales so far: 76182 x 1.75 = 133.318 copies
(The reason you multiply it with 1.75 is because not every store report their daily sales to Oricon
so to be able to get a good understading about how much have been sold but not reported you multiply it.
We'll have to wait until the end of the week to se the correct amount of sold singles.)

Compare with:

Taiyou no Namida first day sales: 52,094
HwM's first day sales= 58,548
weeeek's first day sales= 64,068
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