aitamashii (aitamashii) wrote in news_jpop,

Mafuyu no Nagareboshi & SUMMER TIME [karaoke subbed]

Surprise release! I had this song stuck in my head so I again did another one on impulse. There are some surprises inside the video so go look for them. They're pretty obvious, but cute. I hope you guys like it.

(I wish to meet you anywhere)

Also I've waited patiently for the arrival of my cds to do this and it has driven me nuts but here is the summer time PV subbed with the correct lyrics for those of you interested. My karaoke effects still suck but I hope I'm improving. Enjoy.

(summer time, zutto futari de iyou!)

PS: by the request of someone With Me is next to come after finals. ^^
Tags: fanwork: other

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