... (s7nluv) wrote in news_jpop,


I hope this is revelant enough =X.

I'm looking for a translator who's able to understand japanese and translate it into english ^_^...basically, I need a translator for subbing and I should have asked this a long time ago because i want to sub =D and yet I really don't want to deal with fansubbing groups as of yet because I kind of want to go my pace...so i was waiting for school to end.

So, I don't have any specific clips in mind yet, but I will probably work all over the place. This means, k8, kat-tun, news, and possibly hey say. I won't force you to translate anything you don't want to though ^_^.

The period of time we'll be working together will be indefinite, that is, unless you want to quit ^_^...

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