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[NEWS] NEWS Kato, Butai "Konnan yatte mimashita"

rough translation:

NEWS Kato Shigeaki, announced 29th, that shige will be having a independent show called "Konnan yatte mimashita" which will start from July 14-30 in Tokyo (The Globe Tokyo, its the same venue for Keii's butai last feb), Aug 2-8 Osaka.

Kato Shigeaki after becoming popular by Jweb serialization and having arictiles in Myojo,will finally be able to direct/input ideas to short film and short story for his butai.


Shigeaki Kato gets his own stage show

NEWS member Shigeaki Kato will hold his own "entertainment show" this summer, titled "Konnan Yatte Mimashita." Kato has gained a reputation as a literary person through his writings on Johnny's Web and in the magazine Myojo, and now he has drafted his own ideas for this production, which will apparently include short film, skits, and recitations.

The show will run at The Globe Tokyo from July 14 to 30, followed by a run at Osaka's Umeda Arts Theater from August 2 to 8.

credits: http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-3287

This is actually Shige's first butai, I think it will be like Massu and Tego's butais last year, but not sure if shige will sing in this.

This butai is a one man show, meaning no one else will be star only shige, just like tegoraji and machimasu before, its different from the johnnys butai you guys seen in the past, i think besides tegomass, some of arashi (v6 if im not mistaken) did this last year around summer too.

as of now Johnnys didnt post the details for the tickets but you can inquire for the butai just dail this number: TEL: 0180-993-251

more details of the butai: http://wwwz.fujitv.co.jp/events/stage/konnan/index.html

the schedule/timetable:

the tickets are range from 5,000-4,000 yen

No need for JFC to buy tickets

Johnnys Entertainment: http://www.johnnys-entertainment.co.jp/top.html

more info of shige's butai from johnnys net:
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