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Only in Japan! Top Ten TV shows


A lot of people asked me to share some of my other posts so I hope it's okay if I put this up. It's quite related to the previous JE one (because our boys are here), though there are others who requested the female fashion disaster post, I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post it hereXOXO So here goes...

From the witty, brilliant and moving to the wacky, hilarious and to the extremely grotesque – Japanese television has it all. Here is yet another list of top ten random observations seen and heard from music, talk and variety shows we all love to hate, and hate to love. Don’t change the channel!

10 – Talk and Taste

Most Japanese talk shows ALWAYS have to have cooking or taste test segments where they ask their guests to prove their skills in the kitchen. Kind of makes you wonder if the show is a gourmet show or a parody of Iron Chef. They just love to make their guests talk with their mouths full. Literally. But it’s fun to watch them go all “Umai!” “Oishi!” Sometimes even if the food tastes like muddy socks.

Tamaki Hiroshi. YUM.

9 – Not-so-real? Reality shows, Star search?

Here’s where we can see a whole gap between Japanese shows and those in Hollywood. Can you imagine another version of Simon Cowell going “That’s a horrible, horrible mess. You sounded like a singer on a cruise ship doing karaoke.” I love how the Japanese can be so polite, but sometimes it wouldn’t help to tell the truth. Then again, a single bad comment can spur angry spats all over the net or spread protest bouts from fans.

8 – Lack of female hosts!!

With the exception of a few dominating female hosts like Aoki Sayaka and some comedienne duo, I don’t see any Oprahs or Tyras lording over talk shows – alone. Usually female hosts have to be accompanied by male leads like in Hanamaru Café (Gawd. That show is so boring. Creepy opening jingle too.) or other shows where there’s one babbling male host while there are 2 other ladies go “Hai… ahhhh.. ohhhh” in the background.

Female host substitutes? Tacchon. Priceless.

7 – Hosts overload

Has anyone noticed hosts outnumber the guests? Ratio is usually 7:1! I understand that Domoto Kyoudai needs all their band members during the opening and closing performance, but during the talk parts they just… sit there. Kinki Kids are really funny though. Same goes to talk shows with boy bands as hosts. Somebody remind Ohkura, Ueda or Taguchi or one of those wallflower boys that on talk shows they’re supposed to er… talk?

Love k8 shows. But Flash Dance 80's outfits?

6 – Somebody please explain to me why that old man is in Music Station? Maybe he’s a legend or something but… I just don’t get it. And his lady partner! Geez. What a damper. You would almost get amazed at how the hell they got those huge stars on one stage, but the lady host is just too… dull. But props to the show for putting up great stage designs for each performer.

Looking cool in shades

5 – Multi-tasking

This is not about TV shows per se, but… when stars promote a movie/drama in talk shows, they almost always throw in a little singing too. Even when they’re not singers. They probably sang the OST too. Erika Sawajiri came out with a single as Kaouru Amane,her character in Taiyou no Uta. Domoto Koichi did the same thing as his character Maizu. (*wonders if Matsujun will put out a song as Domyouji*snickers*) I mean, have you ever seen Julia Roberts sing on Jay Leno for a movie promo? Not even if it’s for a musical. Zac Efron didn’t go around singing High School musical as if it’s not obvious enough.

4 – Head smacking = Funny.

Downtown comedian duo is famous for doing this for years. I wonder why people haven’t grown tired of it yet. Hmmm. Come to think of it, most of the hosts on TV are comedians. And they prefer violence over expletives or Simon Cowell bashing… interesting…

Acts of endearment? Comedian duo Sadist and Masochist

3 – Third entry is related to the 4th, since there’s also some sort of pain involved. ALMOST EVERY game/ variety, even talk shows have to have the inevitable – BATSU GAME (punishment). And apparently electrocution brings out all the laughs. Poor game losers.

2 – They say imitation is the best form of flattery, which is why it’s a requirement for every TV show guest to do a MONOMANE (impression/parody). Why?? *does Shimura Ken’s famous AIIINNNNNN!

1 – And the top reason why we just can’t get enough of watching Japanese TV shows is more of a personality than anything else. It just wouldn’t be entertaining without him. Or her? HARD GAY!! Love this guy. Now everyone’s wearing black, shiny leather booty shorts.

“one, two, three, FOURRRR!!!!”

Here's a vid collection of Hard Gay's finest (or worst?) acts on TV. Idunno if I'm gonna freak out or laugh out loud. The streets of Tokyo will never be safe again.

Hard Gay saves the day! Full episode. Those poor kids!


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