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My Shige birthday card! <3

Well, hi! :D

As you might know (or not xD)... Shige is my favorite (from NEWS; all time favorite is Sho) and we share the same birthday! (July 11. I almost screamed when I found that out. XD)

I threw a party at July 5 and invited a lot of friends. My only RL friend who is also in JE and NEWS gave me a really sweet birthday card. ^^ It has Shige on it and I just wanted to share it with you. ^^  (I got it from valerieexd ^^.)


Do you wanna see the whole thing? I bet you do. Or I'll make you. GO WATCH IT! >.<

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed. ö

And I really don't know how to tag this. XDDD
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