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26 News icons

Whoa, I'm so nervous. My first post here ever. Please be kind to me :)

After always taking I thought I might as well give something in return. This is way I made 26 News icons. 18 more icons are here (mostly Shige, 3 Nishikato and 2 Ryo). As you will see, I am a huge fan of Nishikato :p

You can use the icons of course, if you use them for new creations, please credit. Thanks to whoever scanned those gorgeous magazines (Taken from Duet, Wink Up and the photobook). I don't know who scanned them, but if you are the scanner, just tell me so I can credit you properly :)

Yamashita Tomohisa 5x
RyoPi 2x
Nishikido Ryo 4x
Kato Shigeaki 4x
Koyama Keiichiro 3x
KoyaTego 1x
Tegoshi Yuya 3x
Masuda Takahisa 4x


(Click fake cut for the others)

Tags: fanwork: icons

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