Bianca-chan (bianca_chan) wrote in news_jpop,

Ryo-chan fanart

It's really really really hard to use MS PAINT. Dinugo ilong ko dito kay Ryo. I'm messing with my paint. If you're not interested, definitely, don't click. 

I just want to share something to this community in exchange of countless of things they always share <3 =D

[click the link below]

Once again, I'm sorry if i did not give justice to Ryo's face.

PS: I really really really tried, and God knows that, to draw Ryo's mouth but i CAN"T..T_T. Everytime i finishes his mouth, he would looked like gay or something. Actually, it's the teeth that i can't draw. That's why i just overlapped it with something. I tried doing a closed mouth one but i'm more disappointed in it.

PS again, I know, he looks OLD and HAGGARD in my work. SORRY. 

Tags: fanwork: fanart

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