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[report] Tegoshi is now in Bangkok!!!!

Sorry for the other post of myslef and the other one about Tegoshi in Thailand (Regarding to [info]tomo_roses's previous post).
I am just too excited!!!!

What I know so far is that the news has been spread that Tegoshi came to Krabi which is one of the cities in the south of Thailand to do his show (IIte Q) which will be aired in October.
We also heard that he would arrive Bangkok tonight to catch tomorrow morning flight back to Japan.
My sisters just got a call from her friend who went to the airport to catch up with him
And guess what!!!!! My sisters' friend finally meet him (with some of the fans who also heard about this).
She told us that Tegoshi-kun is very nice!!!
I wish I was there as well...><...
Anyone else going there??
Please share with us in detail, will ya??
(Sorry...I am out of my mind now...hehehe...)

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