pinky_chu (pinky_chu) wrote in news_jpop,

johnny's express?

i was wondering if anyone knew if any johnnys were going to come to downtown LA for the nisei week festival this year.
i heard that kattun came at 2005 and it was really hectic so i thought that its not possible for them to theyd never come again my friend went to downtown LA and claimed to have seen a "JOHHNY'S EXPRESS" bus. so it kind of made me curious. she said the bus was yellow with some green but she didnt look very carefully so she doesnt really remember. she probably saw a johnny rockets car or something...anywayy.
i checked the johnnys webpage and it said nothing about nisei week for anybody so i dont think they'll be coming but.....
if anybody knows anything about this could you please comment.
thanks in advance C:
btw. if this post isnt allowed. feel free to delete xp

Tags: other: questions

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