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A Community For NEWS Translations (to translaters & readers <3)

I just created a new community for NEWS related translations. I find it hard both as a reader and a translator to find what is translated and what aren't translated yet so i think this would solve the problem. I thought of just making a list of links to translations but the post was too big it couldn't be posted LOL How big? it was15 pages on word doc... and that is just from one translator >.< So i guess making a comm was a good way out. I don't know if there is a community for translations already or not but i haven't been able to find one...so i guess it's a no? I hope this community will be able to help make the lives of translators and readers much easier ne :D How this works is once a translation is posted i'll put it on the translation listing post so we know it's already been translated. And there is a page where you can make your request too. If the request hasn't been translated yet i'll put it under the list and once it's done (meaning either a translator picks up your request or if i find it translated) i'll put it under the translation listing post. If the translations are posted outside of the comm i'll post the link to their translations ne :D i'll try my best to keep both lists updated ^^

-----> http://community.livejournal.com/newstranslation/

-->The comm thing is still new to me so bear with me if i make any mistakes or it not so good.
-->If anyone wants to make a layout for the comm, i'd be more than happy ^^ if there are lots i'll rotate it once in a while. 
--> The comm is empty  (>.<) go ahead and make a post :D
-->Any questions feel free to comment at my LJ or at the comm ^^

ja matte ne~
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