jinpi_moe (jinpi_moe) wrote in news_jpop,

Shirota Yuu in Waratte Ii Tomo!

Shirota Yuu was in "Waratte Ii Tomo!" Telephone Shocking corner today, but, as expected, he didn't call Yamapi or Jin, but a senpai from his own jimusho (office). 

But at least Johnny's jimusho allowed them to send Shirota flowers! And it seems that Pi and Jin bought it together or/and from the same florist, because the size of the paper and the font of their names were the same.

And the cutest part is that Shirota did that famous Akira's pose (that "kon-kon" thing)!! Was it some kind of message to Yamapi? ^^

Edit: I found some pictures of the flowers! Look at the paper with their names above. They're identical (the same size and the same font).

(credits to 2ちゃんねる)

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