starmuffin_news (starmuffin_news) wrote in news_jpop,

Request video!

Hey guys, ive been looking for this video for about 11 months or so now, and this is the first time stupid me has desided it would be intelligent to ask ¬¬

anyway, i SO want to see the video where some NewS members disguise as kinder garden kids, and keii-chan as a girl! Its not the ya ya yah episode where they have to guess what object it is, and then they cosplay, though they do dress as kinder gardeners, this is not the one im looking for, but i assume its from ya ya yah too.

ive found this giff to use as refference, but im so sorry, i don't know who did it:

so, if somebody knows where can i download or watch it, PLEASE tell me so, id really appreciate it :-)

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