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Fuji TV updated the official website and the outline of the special was clarified.
This is a sequel of the regular drama that can be a spoiler of the final episode, that please be careful if you haven't watched the final episode and willing not to be spoiled. :)

'CODE.BLUE - Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving - SPECIAL' (temporary) is confirmed!!
It will be on the air in 2009 New Year!!

With the newest medical system Doctor Heli as its subject, the drama showing the works of young fellow doctors 'CODE.BLUE - Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving -' is confirmed to be a special drama!
It will be on the air in 2009 new year(tentative)!

What will be described in this special is, Shohoku Emergency Medical-care Center after that.

At the accident in the tunnel, Aizawa, Shiraishi, Hiyama, Saejima, and Fujikawa ignored the control of the rescue party and continued their care that they were refraining from job for 1 week as a punishment.
Hiyama and Fujikawa returned to their family home.
Hiyama's parents thought it a good chance that they showed her pictures as suggestions for her prospective husband.

Then, after 1 week refrainment, Aizawa and others started working as usual.
Dr. Kuroda who were involved the accident at the exploded place and injured his right arm immovable decided to concentrate on his rehabilitation.
Dr. Kuroda told the head Dr. Tadokoro and greeted to Dr. Mitsui and other senior doctors, then left the hospital.
Fellows were confused as they were left by Dr. Kuroda without hearing anything from him.
On the other hand, Kinue, Aizawa's grandmother, who is in the hospital for her senile dementia was continuing her rehabilitation.
Still she seems to be not able to remember Aizawa, but one day something changes with Kinue who continues her walking training hard....

Then, Doctor Heli is requested.
It seems that a train with lots of passengers derailed and overturned.
As it is an awful disaster, all of them went there one after another by touch-and-go.
Dr. Kuroda hears about that big disaster from the news then....

Its filming will be done after the ending of the filming of this regular drama, and will finish at the beginning of October.
Please look forward to watching 'CODE.BLUE - Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving - SPECIAL' in 2009 New Year!!

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