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pacific DVD message/ringtones (audio cuts)

Snow Express : Chorus : 30s
Snow Express : Rap : 31s
Hoshi wo Mezashite (Acapella) : Chorus : 23s (from Taipei concert)

!From Encore:
Ryo "ThanksTakecareByebye" : 2s
Tegoshi "Bai baiiii~~~" : 3s (The super~ high pitched one XD)
Sakurai "Chou~ tanoshikatta!!!" : 3s (Might as well be in NEWS ^^)

!From Taipei Concert documentary:
Koyama "Ke~ chan desu!" : 2s (@ Narita Airport)
Ryo "Bu zhi dao ma?" : 1s (Teaching us "Don't you know?")
Tegoshi "Kuchizuke wo~" : 2s (Teasing Shige)
Yamapi "Mamama" : 1s
Yamapi "Mamama" : 2s
Yamapi & Tegoshi "Mamama X infinite" : 6s (Just... no words XD)
Tegoshi "Wo ai ni men" : 3s ("I love you guys~")
Massu "Wo shi xiao long bao" : 3s ("I am *Steamed Dumpling*)
Massy "XIAO LONG BAO~!!!" : 3s ("STEAMED DUMPLING!!!")

+++ Please download HERE~ I'm also taking requests for audio cuts, which you can make HERE +++
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