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Color coded lyrics

Hi, it's me again. I guess I've been quite active today. I've been lurking here, lol, and there are so many goodies and so many entries that I'll never get through all of them. You guys, the NEWS fandom, are amazing and so vigilant and so up-to-date and AWESOME:)
Minna-san arigatou ne! :D
Anywho, I'm sharing again, because I feel I need to contribute. Maybe someone has done this already, but I did some color coding for three of my favorite NEWS songs: "Snow Express, "Yume no Kazu Dake," and "Dreams." Also, maybe you already know, but I want to advertise purplduskvii, because she has most NEWS song color coded:)
But here are my fake cuts to my additions~douzo
Basu wa tomaranai, kyaku wa bokutachi dake...
Yume no kazu dake, ai ga umarete...
I realize, I feel dreams...
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