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K-chan's Nikki

Hi! I think this is my first post in this comm.... I've been watching for nearly a year now.. lolz

anyway I translated K-chan's nikki LOVE 355. i was thinking to take over where zephyris87 has left off with K-chan's nikki (not bothering with P's one coz moonie is doing it) anyway i skipped LOVE 354 because i have some problem with some of the words in it. Remember there might be mistakes in my translating as I am still learning Japanese but thought that I can learn faster by actually reading and listening to Japanese stuffs... lolz

anyway go to my lj for the translation! It might take awhile for me to actually catch up with him (he's up to LOVE 385!!!) but I thought it'll be fun to actually know what he is saying... ;)

Anyway happy reading!

PS: he's nikki is funny! he talks about everything!!! :)
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