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I am sitting on a ton of bases for wallpapers and have no inspiration to do any for my self so I thought i would take some requests..

I have no other tasks this week so should be able to bust out a few a day.

Here is a sample of what I just did *Feel free to take it if you like.

I just need to know the following

Image you want used: *I will need the image from you* A link to it so I could save it would be fine.
Text you want on it if any:
Text Color:
Size of the Image: *they will all be 1024x768 if not specified*
Any other details you may want:

Let me know if there is a specific base you want or have in mind and I will see what I can do.

(Download Link and Post Requests here at my LJ!)

Thanks thats all. ^.^
Tags: fanwork: wallpapers

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