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Yamapi's 'interview' with iWeekly =)


2 days ago miss_phua put up some highlights of the article in iWeekly, im here to post the translation of the interview but i dunno if its 100% true that iWeekly contacted yamapi. hope so =)
apologies for any mistakes...

As the main character, how did you feel when KUROSAGI had a chance to go on the big screen?

The manga itself is already popular. This time, bringing it to the big screen, makes the story come alive. During the time of filming, the director and mangaka worked very closely to fill in every little detail of the movie. But, can the manga fans accept it? This actually makes me feel confused, while in the midst of joy, uneasy too.

No matter if its the manga of dorama, KUROSAGI was well-received by alot of viewers. The part you think that attracts people the most is...

When a swindler is swindled by another swindler. This concept is very new and easily understandable.
The swindling process and content are very logical. Having this movie attract so many viewers, it makes me feel very happy and thankful.

To you, which scene in the movie was the toughest?

The part where Kurosaki(character's name) broke down and shouted in the heavy rain. It was much more tougher as I was having a cold at that time. However, the scene of the heavy downpour helped me immerse more into Kurosaki's character.

Out of all the different images that Kurosaki used, which one was your favourite?

The english-speaking image left a deep impression on me and I really like that character. Because of him, I practised a lot of english.(laughs)

Do you have an unknown dark side of you like Kurosaki?

I'm the type that doesn't want to be cheated(swindled) by others. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person that doesn't realise myself being cheated.

What do you have to say to the fans in Singapore?

I feel very fortunate that my work can go overseas and be shown to people whom are living in another country. I hope that this movie, which is full of vigour, can make the viewers happy even if there is little strength/power... Many thanks to everyone who spent 2 hours of their life to watch this movie. I hope that I can go to Singapore and meet all of you in the near future.
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