[SDK group] Jess (jess_sdk) wrote in news_jpop,
[SDK group] Jess

I'm going around to search for some info about Pi & News and Russ-K for my presentation next 2 weeks.
And I found this :


Ah, my god.
From the "Jyosei Jishin" magazine, YamaPi rank the #1 in the TOP 5 J-boys in Korea.

The following are : 
2. Gackt
3. Tsumabuki Satoshi - 妻夫木聡
4. Arashi - 嵐 <- the whole group
5. Kimura Takuya (SMAP) - 木村 拓哉

Well, now I know why Pi got "incident" in Korea.
note : for anyone who don't know,  www.soompi.com is a big site of K-music. 
And I really wanna thanks to my amazing & best friends in news_jpop. As I'm stuck with my presentation about Russ-K, they help me out of confusions and bring me a lot of precious advices & info.
I love you guys soooooooo much, and dunno how to express the word "Thank you" to you.  


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