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[translation] NEWS ~ Vote result of new Karaage-kun flavor from LAWSON

This is like a second episode of my previous post for the translation of NEWS ~ What is the flavor from your youth? where members of NEWS telling us flavor they remmember from their youth.
Over at LAWSON's website also had a campaign of new Karaage-kun flavor by having each NEWS members creating their own flavor for new Karaage-kun, and have people to vote on its website. Which flavor is whose is kept in secret.

Now the vote result is out with the disclosure of the whose idea for each flavor.


Wanna know whose is the winner?
Go to the post over at my LJ (including the comment from each member).

[translation] NEWS ~ Vote result of new Karaage-kun flavor from LAWSON

PS. Thanks for the space and X-post to other communities as well..^^...

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