Tesshi's EX Girlfriend (cute_maya) wrote in news_jpop,
Tesshi's EX Girlfriend

TEGO & MASSU Don't Think , FeEeEel

Hi Girls

Yesterday i had a quiz ahhhhhhh and i was bored ( Expected )

   any ways

So i went  to have  a rest for a couple of mins ,and to do my NEWS Fan girling for the day ,

I wanted something funny ..........m..mm

Then I remember i watched this show for Tegomass on HEY HEY HEY that was on (16-06-2008),and it was damn hilarious  video

There were asked to imitate Bruce Lee when he says the phrase"Don't think , FEEL "

and i would like to share this stupid and funny moment of Tegomass with you guys

I made some screen caps :

Let see TEGO looks stupid   but even though I like him
Beside , Tego's bants ahhhhh i don't what fasion line does tego use !


Ahhh even masuda looks an idiot too .. 

He looks like a Chubby Bunny

WATCH CAREFULLY or you will miss a lot fun YAY

Any ways here is the link :


Credit goes to : greenberryhair and subbed by [subbed by newshfan@LJ]


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