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Old Scary Johny is a sexual harasser (Is it True?!)

Hello everyone,

It 's been a while since my last post. You know how it goes when you have a lot of things going on in your life. Enough about me, let's move on to the spicy stuff. Thinking of Johny's Kingdom always turns on my curiosity mood. I have always wondered who is this Johny and how does he look like?  hence this post....


Well the main intention behind this entry was to post Johnny's pictures and I wasn't intending to degrade him or accuse him with anything It is just that I found the information while searching the internet and I wanted to share it since I felt  it is worth it
It seems that the post wasn't accepted by many of you. I'm open to objective criticism, yet I don't allow being called an idiot . I f you have anything to say ..say it politely 
One more thing: this post doesn't by any mean imply that I disrespect Johnny or that I hate him.I'm not in the position to judge as many of you said we still don't a lot of things a bout him . After all if it wasn't for him there would be no PiPi or News

 I'l go with dicksalsa's suggestion because I think 'Fact' is not the proper word to use

What I know about Johnny?  

Character wise:

1: During Koyama's audition Johny shouted at him saying 'You don't you know I hate guys with pierces'
Conclusion 1:  Johny has a scary and bossy personality.
Johny could see through tegoshi's childesh hideous image the future of a cute, pretty and a cool adult.
Conclusion 2: Well, that made me think mmmm.. this guy has a vision.

 3:  News members said that they were called up for a photo shoot and the next thing they knew was a magazine with their picture on the cover with and big title saying they are the members of the new debuted Johny group
3: Johny is a dictator

4: Johny knows how to make us spend every penny of our allowances buying his boy's goods
Conclusion 4: Man, Johny is sucessful business man

 5: Massu says: Johny never calls us with our names instead he would use the english word 'Hey' and points with his finger when calls any of us, so basically  we are all named 'Hey' in Johny's perspective
Conclusion 5: Johny is a Rude boss    
There are very few photographs of Kitagawa in the public domain and interviews are all most never granted.After resershing his hisrtory  I found out that Johny is a sexual a harasser. It has been reporetd by former Johny boys  that he used to sexual harass them ...If you are interested in more details you can go here

What about appearance wise?

Johnny Hiromu Kitagawa was born on October 23rd, 1931 which means he is 77 years old by now. In other worlds  an old man. 
The picture I had for Johny was totally different than how the real Johny looks like. Mmmm... are you guys eager to see him...ok I won't say more I'll leave you with the pictures......

Well I think I had too much expectations regarding the style

LoL, I think Johny  has height obsession all most all  his boys are tall guys they are even taller than him 
PS: I hope that Pi Pi and other News members were not some of the boys who got harassed .


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