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[Concert Goods] NEWS 2008 - 2009 Winter Concert Pre-Orders

I'm gonna take pre-orders for the NEWS winter concert tour. XD;;
The deadline for orders will be November 3rd at midnight (GMT -7).

All orders are now closed.

And I'm sorry in advance for my fail post and unorganized-ness... and abuse of the words "and" + smilies.

So I'll accept orders until November 3rd at midnight (GMT -7). TWO WHOLE WEEKS TO ORDER!! XD;
And I will also need to receive payment by November 4th at midnight (GMT -7) or your order will be canceled.

If you have any questions, e-mail me at kanakunimitsu@yahoo.com.

Pictures: http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/jshop/goods/news/winter0809.html

Prices: (Prices listed in USD)
Pamphlets: $40 each
Uchiwas: $15 each (6 versions available)
Penlight: $25 each
Shopping Bag: $17 each
Phone Strap: $23 each
Ring (S/M/L): $25 each
Clearfiles: $12 each (7 versions available)
Photosets: $12 per set (7 versions available)
Posters: $20 each
Towel: $23 each
Hat Pin: $15 each
T-Shirt: $45 each

Shipping is by Airmail and it's being sent from overseas to me, then to you guys so it will be kinda expensive. ^^; I'm sorry. D:
And first I'll calculate how much shipping is from overseas to the USA and ask for you to pay that first. Then once I receive the goods I will calculate how much shipping is to send to you. ^^;

Also, If you want to order a poster, it will be more expensive because it has to be sent in a separate package so it's all nice and fancy, in perfect condition and stuff instead of being bent and raped in the box. XD;;

EDIT: I'm changing the shipping methods and stuff so it's easier to understand etc.

EMS: the most expensive but it usually takes about 4-5 days to arrive (will have a tracking number)
Airmail: this is good for the lighter stuff :D and it usually takes about 7-10 days for this one (will have a tracking number)
And there was this other really cheap one but I forgot what it was... ^^; I need to go find it :x

I'm only accepting PayPal because it's the fastest, most secure, and easiest way to accept money. :/
And once again.
I need to receive the payment by November 4th at midnight (GMT -7) or your order will be canceled.
Yeah, I'm cruel like that. No exceptions because I won't have the money to pay for it ahead of time for you. T-T I wish I could though. D:

EDIT: Just to explain so that it's easier to understand...
First round of payment: The price of the goods + shipment from overseas to me
Second round of payment: The price of shipping to you which you can choose

Order Form: (all comments are screened)
Real Name:
LJ username: 
E-mail Address:



Real Name: Kana Kunimitsu (it isn't)
LJ username: kanako_tan
Address: 123 Rose Street
Rosemont, New York 87981
E-mail Address:
Order:  Price // Quantity // Item
$40 // 1 // Pamphlet
$24 // 2 // Kato Shigeaki clearfile
$12 // 1 // Tegoshi Yuya clearfile
$12 // 1 // Masuda Takahisa photoset

Question(s): Why do I fail at making sales posts?

Well. I think I covered everything... and I hope someone orders so I don't feel like a complete idiot for doing this. XD;;
Thanks for reading...? :D
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