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Behind the scenes - Yamapi

After many times of passing, I finally got down to watching this short documentary on Yamapi. And then I thought, why not translating it since the subs are in chinese? So, yeah. However, this is only part 1 and there are 3 parts. If you guys don't mind my sucky translation, I wouldn't mind translating the other two parts. Ah, did I mention that there was a news version too?

Edit: I was so blur to not check out akirashocksubs. They've subbed pi's one before. I'll check out the news' version instead.

Edit 2: I just watched the news version and it was a COMPLETE rip off of the hoshi wo mezashite jacket shoot and interview. >>;;

Note: t stands for tackey. p for yamapi. n for the narrator. staff for the guy holding the camera.

N : this is a boy who entered the entertainment business when he was 11 years old.
N : secretly wishing to be like tackey from the bottom of his heart.
T : ..that kind of face. you're so cute XD. You'll probably be as cute 10 years later as
you are now.
P : That's impossible.
N : He immediately got given the nickname Yamapi.
N : 10 years later, there's probably no young woman who wouldn't know who Yamapi is.
P : I got hurt.
S : How'd that happen?
P : It's a fingernail mark left by one of the fans. I probably got cut while pulling back my hand after
shaking hands with her. I think it's better if they cut their fingernails.
N : What's happening today is Yamapi's magazine photoshoots.
P : Good morning. Morning.
N : What's shocking is that there are many magazine photoshoots left to take. The photoshoots ranging from television guides
to women magazines are held at the rate of 20 minutes per photoshoot.
N : Not only that, he has to change clothes for 4 studies in one shot.
S : These are the clothes that you have to wear today, right? All of them?
P : Of course. Why do you think the stylist prepared all these clothes then? working so
hard even though it's already the end of the year..
N : Just then, Yamapi said something unexpected in the midst of the photoshoots.
Photographer : Please smile for a bit, Yamashita-kun.
P : I can't smile. I can't smile, dammit!
Photographer : You just don't want to smile, isn't it?
P : I really can't smile. Seriously.
Photographer : But didn't you just laugh when we were talking?
P : Yes, but now I can't. Nevertheless, I'll give it my best shot.
N : true to his words, there was not a smile present in all of the photoshoot's taken
N : An idol that doesn't smile.
P : My occupation? Well, I mostly write that my occupation is a student, in many places.
S : You filled it as a student?
P : I mean, there isn't anything else to fill in, is there? I would be annoyed if I wrote singer, or actor instead.
S : Why is that?
P : it feels weird.
N : even in the picture taken for this program...
P : You do know that I don't smile for pictures right?
S : Why don't you then?
P : I can't smile. I really can't smile. Really.
P : You haven't seen a picture that I was smiling right?
S : There was one where you were smiling mildly. It felt different.
S : Is it that you just don't feel like smiling?
P : Because it's not funny/amusing. The photographers always ask me to smile, and I'll say
okay. But really, my expression remains the same.
P : I really can't do it... What should I do?
N : Although this recording was as long as half a year, he did not shun it, nor did he try
to please us[as in do anything out of the ordinary]. Risking the chance to be
misunderstood, he still went on with his own things at his own pace.
S : Can we come in to film you?
P : Ah, it's fine. Completely okay with me.
N : How can he not do it well considering that it's just a smiling face? Unbelievable.

Caption- he can't smile because it is natural. [meaning that pi's can't smile naturally?]

N : Today is the shooting of the movie, Kurosagi that he is starring in as the lead.
N : This film is the theatre version of the drama based on the famous manga.
N : Yamashita acts as Kurosagi who vows to take revenge on the dark society who lead his family to their death.
N : This is his first time acting as the lead character in a movie. It is a tough shooting that involves many
action scenes, also requiring a lot of strength.
P : doesn't this feel like sasuke?
S : aren't you afraid at all?
P : of course I am.
N : a man who will try anything that comes to mind. that is the way yamapi is.
N : let's take the scene when kurosagi gets trapped in an elevator as an example.
P : OUCH! that hurt. I won't ever take the elevator again.
N : this is a line that yamapi thought up on his own.

P : it is up to the director whether he chooses to use it [the line] or not.
S : would you mind if he doesn't?
P : Not really, I wouldn't mind.
P : I'd like for it to become a material the director can use, even if it is just a bit. It might become a good thing.
N : Yamapi has acted out a lot of different characters as an actor. Sometimes he acts as a teenage boy with a enclosed heart
while at times he is a high school student who gets excited easily.
N : Kurosagi is the kind of movie that allows him to act out different characters like that. Although there are many serious scenes,
there are also many scenes where he fails that are fun to watch.
N : How does the veteran actor acting alongside him think of him?
Yamazaki Tsutomu: I really like this kid. [he is] Crazy? Mmm.. I mean that in a good way. calm. he has both of these qualities.
it is hard to critisize him in anything, because he is such a talented kid. I have always wanted a son, seeing
that I have none. I guess it'd be more appropriate if he were my grandson instead.
N : the shooting stretches into midnight for a few days.
P : a bathroom? Should I take a bath? Ah, there's a basin. Really?
Female staff: then why don't you shower?
P : I'll shower for a bit. I wonder how long I will take to shower? Place the camera there and speed up the video when
I come out. I'll be done very soon.
S : okay, ready... START.
P : Sorry but there's no hot water. there's no hot water coming out.
S : do you want me to stop the filming and get someone for you?
P : ...
P : There's hot water!
P : how long did I take?
S : 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
P : ah, no. but there was only cold water available at first.
S : are you completely dissatisfied with this record?
P : completely dissatisfied. I wasted two minutes[trying to get the hot water, that is]

Note: This is translated from chinese, since NBJ already subbed them. But I tried to check it with the japanese audio so. yeah. Chances are there are a few mistakes. Sorry if there are any.
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