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NEWS' translations update


2008.11.08 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.09 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.10 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.10 Keiichiro no Member Ai
2008.11.11 ∞ (Yellow) Ranger Nishikido Ryo
2008.11.11 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.12 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.13 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.14 Keiichiro no Member Ai
2008.11.14 Yamashita no Nikki
2008.11.15 Yamashita no Nikki

im almost back from my hiatus, one last paper on tuesday. so i wont be doing any magazines translations till then.
meanwhile, enjoy the jwebs! :)

and note that from now on, all of my translations will posted to newsxoxo instead.
my journal will only contain personal entries. details/reasons of the move here

so i encourage all to join/watch the community! refer to here for rules and such. thanks! :)
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