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my review of NEWS' COLOR



01. weeeek 
yes I LOVE THIS SONG STILL..WHO DOESNT? Happy, energetic and what a great song to wake u up in the morning. I'm very happy<3 GreeeeN are an awesome band. Thankyou for making such a wonderful song for NEWS
Rocky!!! The equivalent of Change the World but BETTER? Yeah it’s got a good beat the drums make u want to bob your head along with the song.
repeat..since its nearly summer here i have such an excuse to replay it :D yayay heehe it's still my all time fav PV of theirs. It really is NEWS. Of course after watching Pacific and Yamapi saying that their relationship is based around onsen i hope that maybe one day they shall make a PV there or even a restaurant coz it seems that really represents 'NEWS' lol..wow I just totally went off topic with that so sad..yes SUMMER TIME= ilu

Okay all i have to say is ABOUT TIME. I love it..and since the song was written by Yamashita Tatsuro it explains why i found it so catchy. What a great song writer. It's really one of my fav songs the dancing is pretty hip too!YAYAY !!Thankyou!I really have a thing for Yamapi’s rap/talking parts in songs so seductive? ‘Amazing kiss de mezame…”
05. Forever
FAV song along with towairo no Koi..awesome tegoshi's voice in the beginning really gives u a good feeling i can understand why this is also Yamapi's favourite on the album aw so catchy. What a great love song “you are my precious, can’t stop thinking of you, only you.” AW WHY GUYS . <3
06. MOLA
sexy lady' what more can i say? very sexy too bad they put too much electronic sounds so it makes it even more hard to understand what yamapi is singing still it is catchy!!!! and i loved it how some of the girls at news_jpop attempted to translate the lyrics!  how fun it was read them. Thankyou. hehe <3 But really...yamapi is trying to reach out to his international fans. very grateful thankyou. 
07. Kesenai
I LOVE TEGOSHI'S VOICE. really its great this song is very calm and gentle. it doesn't stand out heaps like ai nante did for me =but still it’s a very tegoshi ‘poi’. :D This is the longest song on the album at 5:56 minutes. Ah Tegoshi what a good feeling you give to your fans when you sing. Thankyou!!!

 08. ordinary
SO OPPOSITE ITS EXTRAORDINARY I LOVE IT MORE THAN CODE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ryo is so talented i hope one day he will write a song for NEWS as a whole to sing. This song is great! I didn't think he was that awesome before but i was so wrong. WONDERFULLLLLLL. Please keep writing great songs for your fans appreciate it.
09. Minna ga iru sekai wo hitotsu ni ai wo motto Give & Take shimashou
This title is a winner. and i thought 'doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimmatan darou' was long. This just takes the icing on the cake. Its very happy and bubbly MASSSU U ARE TOOOO CUTE. hehe the chorus is VERY catchy! The contrast between Massu and Tegoshi’s song was like..*gentle water running butterflies and fluttering* to * BANG BANG SMILE NOW bouncy lalalala happy happy* LOL okay that was kind of bad description I am sorry.
10. Murarisuto
HAHAHAH i love the beat i love the lyrics. 'misete kure' lol chirarizumu much!!! The lyrics are very different from NEWS' other songs=dirty but also HAPPY at the same time. how CHEEKY. its great have to see what the actions to this song are ! KoyaShige are good for laughs. I really love that they beat around the bush. Will young girls in Japan get in trouble from their parents? NAWWWW the catcy makes up for it.
11. Taiyou no Namida
lol kurosagi? haha well its been out for nearly a year what can i say?? angst angst angst!!Honestly I did not like this song at first but it grew on me. THE DANCING IS FANTASTICALLY AWESOME YO. Haha<3 (Hrmm this is random but in kurosagi I’d thought they’d use it as an insert song in the movie..but ultimately it was used in the credits?”…aw)
12. Smile Maker
It really is SMILE MAKER. YAMAPI'S INTRO=WINNERRR aw really I love your voice. this song was written by some famous pop band but i actually can't remember their name o.O it sounds like one of LEAD’s songs. Which is cool…btw when I hear Massu’s voice I feel happy..how can I say it…his smile is illustrated through his voice? I love the middle it turns from hard poppy to very ‘asian’! huh? I’m sorry I don’t make sense the part before Shige’s solo is oriental sounding compared to the rest of the song. OKAY yeah!
13. Happy Birthday
Don't understand why some people really hate this song. i really love it especially the chorus 'for being born, for meeting you, being by your side..thankyou" isn't it so sweet? Brings out the words we really want to say to our close friends and family. SEAMO you are a genius Thankyou.
Its very catchy!!! I want to flap my arms when they say ‘fly again’ HAHAHAH I am crazy. This is very NEWS. dreams and goals, strive and achieve type of song. They must have one of these songs in the album =]   
15. Towairo no koi
THIS IS IT. 3 years has now come. i loved it since they performed it on SC. MAN I WISH U WERE HERE NOTTTTTIIII!. A wonderful love song..Towairo no Koi= A love of eternal colour =] The first line of the song is wonderful as well I really like it
Mafuyu no sora no shita ,sono hitomi ni boku ga utsuru= Under the midwinter sky, I am reflected in your eyes. SO ROMANTIC haha. I can imagine couples snuggling against each other while listening to this song. It is my favourite song on the album that I can have on repeat

This album is realllly great. How does everyone else feel about NEWS's album. Personally an acapella would've made it PERFECT. But since that cannot be done it's awesome and wonderful I think I'll give it 9.5/10. (The acapella would've made up for the point .5) It's very rare to come across an album where u actually like all the songs right? But is it because I am an avid NEWS fan which has been blinded and therefore cannot be bias towards them at all? It may be so. But one thing I know is…NEWS are one of the bands in Johnny’s where you CAN love them for just their music. I really feel this. Please continue making wonderful music.









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