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Pi's Jweb translation (08.11.18)

 it's a short post
I found this on a chinese  website , they say that it was taken by Pi phone on (08.11.18)
I know it's from his nikki..but i just wanna share with you

he is taking a picture for his clothes ...ahhmm SMART marketing boy
ARE these Russ_k clothes or what ?? I am not sure ..but they look really warm 
you know ..i ordered some nickless from Russ-k ..they are really cute
but if you noticed ...among the members pi clothes are the most expensive ...what a golden commercial  boy johnny has .... i thinik i will buy pi from johnny and i will let him work in my company ...so i will be sooooooooo rich $_$
They are using pi to sell more Y_Y ..Good investment tactics
Sorry I am not good at Chinese T_T.....but they said that this is not his house
The PLACE is in a BIGGGG Mess
anyways that's all i have

Edited: i have just translated his nikki :


PM2: 46

Good morning!

NEWS today to do the work!

And then get the RUSS K 1, 10 new garment! (^-^)

I wore a plush velvet of (^-^)
Oh, very warm ~~(^-^)

There is no sense of restraint
It is RUSS K! V (^ 0 ^)

have fun


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