Dani (hiromisky) wrote in news_jpop,

NEWS new album (review by a new fan)

Today NEWS released their new album "colors".

I have to admit I am not a big fan of the band, except of course of their leader, but this new CD really got me. "colors" (special edition) was handed by a friend to me and I found myself enjoying most of the songs; my recommendations are Yamapi's solo "MOLA"(perfect to jump all around your room or whatever), "forever" (ohhh... nice!), "Taiyou no Namida" (Kurosagi's theme) is quite good, FLY AGAIN was one of the biggest and most amazing surprises (GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!) but I got to keep "Towairo no koi" as my favorite... still FLY AGAIN is goood.
I did not enjoy weeek or Ryo's solo... but that's just me.

If I made a mistake with the names of the songs, please tell me so, my japanese still not so good.

Hope it helps.


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