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NEWS communities...new one?

I have been in the NEWS fandom for over a year and news_jpop has been my heaven!! A dose of NEWS everyday !
What I want to bring up are communities related to NEWS. I know there are separate communities for yamapi, ryo,  koyama, shige, massu, and tegoshi. And there are also other communities for graphics, fanfics and recently a scan community HERE.
I have started on my community compiling translations as well. HERE
I heard off jkly04 and she did an AWESOME job with organizing so many files related to NEWS HERE
My question is..has someone created a community for audio/rips/videos yet? If not im intrested in creating one so everyone can share what they have. That way new fans have the chance to see more of NEWS and also it is much easier to search for the file you want :D
Right now it is just an idea..but is anyone intrested?
What do you say ^^? Yes ? No?
Should there be separate communties for audio, rips, videos?
Include everything (shows, promos, fancams)?

Comments, ideas, anything!

I personally support creating specific communties ... news_jpop will still be a place where all NEWS fans come and discuss, share, update on NEWS etc. but it definetly doesn't hurt to make life easier ne?

sorry for second post of the day!! thank you~

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