Tesshi's EX Girlfriend (cute_maya) wrote in news_jpop,
Tesshi's EX Girlfriend

Funny DANCE ....with NEWS....Don't miss it

if you miss Kusano and u wanna see him
if you want to have a look at My little Tesshi Rabit teeth
If you wanna laugh at Shige's chicken dance
if you wanna hear Koyama's " little guy"  voice
and if you wanna watch Massu
when he loses in front of all these guys
then All what you have to do is just DOWNLOAD & WATCH 

Here is some screen cap :

I wanna move it move it ..                                     Massu  Gimme, Gimme more
i wanna shake it shake it                                       Gimme more Gimme Gimme


My comments:
  • ..after i saw teeshi ..i was 100% sure that there is NO hope for him to be better in dancing
  • Shige ..was trying hard to be cool ....COME ON SHIGE  ..sorry but you are not 
  • Koyama...he he i was laughing all the time ....just close your eyes & listen to him while he talks ..
  • Dear massu : Are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today? yours Me
  • A very importnat notice ....these are not normal boys ..these are the MACARONI Johnny boys
  • I am  serious have a look at their legs while they are dancing ...sticks not legs

MF links :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Credit goes to Miiih
Wanna post ..please do and don't forget to credit


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