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Hello everyone,  hope I'm allowed to post this here because I wasnt sure if I had to post it in the selling thread or not.

I am selling ONE ticket to the NEWS concert!! at TOKYO DOME on DECEMBER 30st 2008. Price will be disclosed to interested party members only. I havent bought the tickets yet but I am going to buy a pair of tickets since it is cheaper and I have no one else to go with so if you are interested pleeeeaseee pleasssee do email me at clow_mistress99@hotmail.com hopefully within the next 1-3 days thank you very much!!  SOLD!!! sorry to anyone else who was interested

and also i am selling some of my je stuff because I am in need on money. Lots of posters, KAT-TUN cds and magazine clippings (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP!, Tackey and Tsubasa, SMAP, KinKi Kids and Non Johnnys) over at my lj. Everything is really cheap so please do take a look:D http://kawaii-beela.livejournal.com/14461.html

as well I am also selling Johnny's t-shirts at my lj here: http://kawaii-beela.livejournal.com/6801.html

Newest t-shirts include: the We Are Ariake 3 t-shirt from ryuusei no kizuna:D come support the Ariake family:D hehe http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y140/arashi_for_dream/nov%2014%20selling%20items/vlcsnap-37159.png

i also make custom t-shirts where you can get anything printed on them. not only johnnys but if anyone else needs a picture of their family or something of the sort they make great gift ideas, especially with christmas coming up as well. thank you for looking.

I didnt exactly know how to tag this so i tagged it as other:other for now, sorry if i tagged it wrong mods T____T
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