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Shabake Backstage 2008- A CUTE girl filming TESSHIIIIIIII T_T


My comments:
  • Well, i have no clue, what is he talking about ...BUT WHY HE IS SOOOO CLOSE for the god sake?
  • I wish that i can understand what are you telling her you pervert TEGO !
  • In fact , i had no time to translate or even to know  what is happening ( MY LAPTOP is sick Y_Y) that's why I am busy
  • However, all what i know is a little girl ( cute one) , an actress in Shabake , is filming MY tegoshi H_H
  • SHE is very cutttttttttttte , her face is so innocent ..loved her smile  ...she is sooooo sweeeete oh my god ^_^
  • I wanna add something else,  those people are so DAMN good in marketing for their drama's  AGREE OR NOT!
  • anyways, if  anyone can tell us what's happening ..that will be good..

Here is the (MF) link to download :
translation is out  ( not accurate one but at least you will know what's happening)  : 
note: There are blanks because I don't know ^^;;;; sorry

tegoshi: this is tegoshi yuya as ichitaro. now she, ohime-chan interview. tada/jya jya~n~
tegoshi: domo
nanami: domo
tegoshi: hello/good afternoon!
nanami: hello!
tegoshi: please introduce yourself.
nanami: I'm ohime of ____. Please be kind to me/yoroshiku.
tegoshi: This time, shabake part 2, how do you feel about it?
nanami: ofcourse it's fun .. ______
tegoshi: now a super close up..
tegoshi: now look this way, and say something to shabake fans.
nanami: um shabake uso uso is very awesome. ______ please watch(?)
tegoshi: yes thank you very much
tegoshi: that was cameraman tegoshi yuya. bye bye

And then~!

This time, nanami chan !

nanami: konnichiwa
tegoshi: what is it?
nanami: um please introduce yourself.
tegoshi: self-introduction is it?
tegoshi: this is tegoshi yuya as ichitaro, please be kind to me/nice to meet you.
tegoshi: the end!
nanami: was work bad XD ?
tegoshi: ohime-chan is certainly very cute. how to say this...well really...it's like anime character looking, really cute and thin, I think this. is that fine?
[i can't hear nanami very clearly. its like she was saying "I think so too"]
nanami: that was nanami.

Vedio: michiyo072244
Translation: ericulf 

Please, i enjoy spreading TEGO love everywhere..but please don't forget CREDITING is also LOVE

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