Tesshi's EX Girlfriend (cute_maya) wrote in news_jpop,
Tesshi's EX Girlfriend

Tegoshi Yuya - IQ Supplement show

 With this Smiledefinitely I will WIN           Spot the difference with Teeshi!   

My comments :

  • You are asking what show is this ?? yes yes yes yes... it's IQ Supplement what's to know more Read here
  • What's up with these people ? They are using my tesshi in their game H_H
  • What shall i do with this little guy ...Cute little tegoshi with huge Egoism 
  • Tegoshi's hair is kakoooi ^_^
  • The Clothes : Pass my fashion test ( i liked the necklaces) , i think these are Russ-K clothes RIGHT?
  • I saw this since last week , but i didn't posted , sorry because my laptop is still sick
  • Basically tego will be used in a Spot the difference game ...if i were there I will definitely WIN
  • I didn't laugh much while watching , so i what i did i tried to imagine if Pi , shige, Koyama , Ryo or Massu  instead of Tesshi mm..So that's what i imagined:
  1. Pi ..Will wear his cool face, no smile, serious look , hot pout ..dark aura and we are done with Pi
  2. Massu ( with the new hair cut) wearing 2 blouses whtie and black  , with an orange scarf & a green baggy pants, white boots, on the top of all tha he is wearing a rainbow jacket , finally three chocolate muffins , one in his mouth while holding the othet two in his hands
  3. Ryo......ahhhh he will stand with his sixy eyes all focued on the Camera..messy hair ... ALL NAKED ..
  4. Mr. Lawyer with his new earing ( not the dollar sign , it's a new one i notied in Winkup2009 , it's like little tiny pyramid) Anyways wearing Black suit, with a wine color shirt like in FNS show,  his SHARP under cut hair ..i have to stop talking about u shige
  5. Mrs. Layer ( koyama) ...cute cute cute cute ..will be a  peace sign with the half smile or pout TYPICAL koyama
Here are the linkS to Download :


here i compresses the avi into  for three parts


Type: AVI
Size: 66.7 MB (70,041,600 bytes)
Time:4 Mins

Cerdit goes to : Michiyo

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