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[NEWS 2009-2010 Calendar] Available for Pre-ordering!

Just in case anyone was interested in purchasing a NEWS 2009-2010 Calendar, here are links to CDJapan & YesAsia for pre-ordering! ^^

CDJapan (and information)
This is copied directly from the email I received
NEWS/2009-2010 Johnny's School Calender: NEWS GOODS
2000 yen US$22/90.03 Release Date:2009/03/20
Description:Johnny's official school calender for April 2009 thru March 2010. A4 size wall calender (30.4cm x 23.2cm x 2.9cm) A1 size poster included. *The calender may take a week or so to become available for shipping. The calenders come housed in specially made boxes, and because of this, they cannot be shipped together with any other type of products, such as CD, and DVD. Please place your calender order separately.
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=NEOTXJC9-3

For Canada & US buyers:
For other countries:

Happy ordering, minna-san! (^0^)/ ♥
Please correct me if I've made any mistakes x__X
And sorry mods if I tagged this wrong!
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